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Welcome to Bazar

Your new destination for smarter, more sustainable shopping that's good for your wallet and our planet.
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Our Mission

To revolutionize the fashion industry by helping find forever homes for overstock goods that would otherwise end up in landfills. Together, we can make sustainable shopping the new standard, one fantastic deal at a time.

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Best Deals Await

From quality-controlled returns to surplus inventory, we bring you the finest selections at amazing prices.

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Score Great Finds

Our curated collection ensures that every purchase is a treasure waiting to be uncovered.

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Positive Impact Shopping

By choosing quality-controlled returns and surplus inventory, you contribute to a sustainable and responsible shopping experience.

Our Story

In 2022 alone, more than 3.5 billion units of overstock from the U.S. became landfill. It's one thing to see this as a number, and another to see what just a fraction of this waste looks like in person.

Last year, our founder visited a global fast fashion brand's warehouse in Southern California. This company had amassed over 1 million units of overstock that were all headed to be discarded, despite the vast majority of the items being new. As these items fell out of season, they became unsellable on the brand's primary website. This scenario is far from unique - it is unfortunately the standard in fashion today.

Lacking effective redistribution channels, fashion brands had no choice but to hoard these items in their warehouses, incurring steep storage costs, until they were forced to liquidate them at substantial losses or, worse, send them to landfills. Many of our team members come from e-comm and fashion backgrounds and had also encountered similar struggles with overstock. This shared challenge inspired us to establish Bazar - a marketplace tailored for modern brands to sell customer returns and overstock, breathing new life into high-quality products.

Warehouse Locations

📍 Montebello, California 📍 Aurora, Illinois

Our Brands

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As a brand deeply committed to sustainability, we are thrilled to partner with Bazar, a marketplace that aligns perfectly with our ethos. Through Bazar, we've found a revolutionary way to act on our ethos by giving returned and overstock items a second life, reducing waste and promoting a more circular economy. It's not just about selling products; it's about embracing a future where every purchase has a positive impact. Bazar is not just a platform for us; it's a partner in our journey towards a more sustainable world

- Fashion Founder

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Notable Support and Endorsements

We are proud and grateful to have the support of leading venture capital firms like General Catalyst (investors in Snapchat and Airbnb), and endorsements from renowned founders and executives from companies such as Meta, Twitch, WooCommerce, Eventbrite, and Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

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